Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Will Albert Take His Talents?

The self-imposed noon deadline for today is about to come and go for Albert Pujols to sign an extension with the St.Louis Cardinals. Albert is rumored to be asking for a 10 year deal at roughly $30 mil per. The two sides have seemingly broken off talks already knowing nothing will be accomplished in the twilight hours before the deadline, so let the mindless banter about his future begin!!! I still think that Albert will eventually wind up back in St.Louis, even if it isn't until free agency this winter. However, should the two sides remain unable to come to some sort of agreement, there will be no shortage of teams lining up for there shot at the 9x all-star and 3x NL MVP. There are a few high profile teams out there that we can already eliminate as potential destinations. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies are already very set at the 1B position with Teixeira, Gonzalez, and Howard respectively. The Mets and Dodgers are two perennial big spenders, but with both being currently bent over a table by their own respective financial woes and blunders, I can't see them opening up the purse strings this winter. Therefore, I would put the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Angels of California at Anaheim as the top teams in pursuit of Lil Alby this winter. My Dark Horse team: The Kansas City Royals. Hear me out on this one. Albert spent time growing up in and around K.C. and also attended community college in the city. The Royals also have big money committed to only one player beyond this year (Billy Butler) and have one of the top 5 farm systems in all of MLB. It might be a long shot, but hey, it could happen.

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