Monday, March 28, 2011

The Final 4(0) Oz.

So, the stupor obviously took a little longer than expected to come out of, but without any further adieu, Here is your Final 4(0) Oz for the Tournament:

Western Semifinals

#1 Newcastle vs. #3 Pacifico

While Newcastle breezed through the first two rounds of the tournament, breezing passed the likes of Miller High Life, Pacifico is now proven and battled test after outlasting the likes of Sierra Nevada and #1 seeded Guinness.

Eastern Semifinals

#1 Fat Tire vs. #4 Modelo

What more can be said about Modelo's run that has not been said already. After pulling off the huge first round upset of overrated Chimay, they then continued their barrage against a battered Stella Artois. Will they have anything left in the tank to take down another #1 in Fat Tire?

Voting for this round will remain open until Tuesday evening, with winners announced Wednesday morning. Again, to have your vote cast, you must click through the link post and then leave a comment with your picks. Dick Vitale already left his, so why the fuck haven't you left yours? Whichever beer ends up winning, I will probably end up drinking a keg of it during the actual NCAA Final 4 next weekend. Sounds like a solid life choice.


  1. Buck Nasty says the winner is black and tans

  2. Pacifico! Pacifico is the Butler of the beer bracket.

  3. Hi my name is Newcastle and I get buckets.

    Also gotta go with Fat Tizz. Modelo is gonna need more than 2 ta tie and 3 ta win this one.