Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Makes More in One Half of Basketball Than You Do In An Entire Year

Floyd Mayweather likes to gamble. Not like how you or I blow a couple hundred bucks at the Blackjack table when we are in Vegas. I mean he REALLY likes to gamble. Below are two recent betting slips from bets placed by Mayweather. Combined, the two bets netted Floyd roughly $140,000. On the first bet, he took Duke at -5 for the first half of their game against Arizona. If you will remember, Duke led by 6 at the half, so CHA-CHING....$90,909.10 for Floyd. The second bet came from tonight's Cavs vs. Heat game. Floyd made another first half bet, taking the Cavs at +12.5. His wager: $50,000. Sure enough, the Cavs led by 12 at halftime meaning another $47,619.05 in Floyd's pocket. Pure chump change.

In other betting news, earlier this year a still unnamed person placed a $10 bet on Virginia Commonwealth University to win the NCAA Title at the Vegas Hilton with 5,000-1 odds. This means he or she stands to make $50,000 on that $10 bet should Virginia Commonwealth do the unthinkable and win the tournament. It's a good thing Vegas has been doing so well since the recession started or otherwise bets like these might start to have the casinos worried!!!

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