Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Crap Qatar is Building Shadow Clouds For The 2022 World Cup

A few months back, the country of Qatar won the bidding war to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Many questioned the choice due to the country's arid, desert climate and brutal summers which could make life rather uncomfortable for players, fans, and just about anything with sweat glands. Well, looks like Qatar is just gonna throw a ton of money at Mother Nature and make her beg for mercy. It seems that the tiny nation, with near bottomless pockets thanks to deep oil reserves, will be developing a remote controlled "shadow cloud" that will provide shade and cover to players on the field and fans in the stands at outdoor stadiums. Here is an image of what the prototype might look like:

[Image via Peninsula]

The prototype "shadow cloud" will cost something in the neighborhood of $500,000 and is being developed by Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani at Qatar University. Maybe Dr. Ghani could also design a large beer cup that is actually larger than a small beer cup for Qwest Field. The cloud looks kind of like a giant iPhone and is a bout 3/4 the size of a soccer field. If this all turns out to be a giant publicity stunt for a Battle: Los Angeles sequel, consider me thoroughly impressed.

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