Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Hops and Barley National Championship

We started with sixteen dreamers. Now, we have whittled away fourteen pretenders and are left with the final two beers left from the original Sweet, Sweet Beer 16. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your final:

The Hops and Barley National Championship Game

#1 Newcastle

#1 Fat Tire

This is nothing short of a clash of the titans. Both beers faced tough, arduous roads throughout the Sweet, Sweet Beer 16 to get here. To cast your vote for the Hops and Barley National Championship, simply leave your choice as a comment to this post. Your beer is depending on YOU for votes! This is like the Ali vs. Frazier of meaningless beer tournaments. It's just so beautiful.


  1. Fat Tire. For America!

  2. Fat Tire FTW...this shouldn't be close

  3. Fat Tire is good. Newcastle is GREAT.

  4. seriously, a yuppy hipster beer against a mans' beer... And I sir am a man, Newcastle!

    Buster's Posse FTW

  5. Wow! I'm a proud yuppy, but to prove the above post wrong I also prefer Newcastle!

  6. hey dick, you never counted my absentee ballot for newcastle