Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Jersey Shore Screw Job

There is probably no state I detest more in the Union than New Jersey, but not even the sad saps at Rutgers deserve this kind of treatment. In the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament, the day after an overtime victory over Seton Hall, Rutgers was faced with referees who decided that the rules no longer apply with less than 5 seconds remaining in a game. Down by two points with about five seconds left, Rutgers attempted a long (and probably stupid) inbound pass that was intercepted by a St.John's player. The St. Johnnie then proceeds to travel, step out abounds, and commit about 3-5 other basketball violations that should have warranted at least SOME sort of whistle from the referees. But alas, the whistle blowers on the floor of Madison Square Garden stayed silent. The video also shows one of the refs scurrying into the tunnel within milliseconds of the final buzzer. Perhaps the referee saw J-Woww in the walkway and figured this was his last chance to go Snookin' for love. Hey Rutgers, at least you still have White Castle : -/

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