Monday, March 14, 2011

SUNY Albany Frat Bros: Ruining All That is Fun and Holy

Here is some footage from this past weekend's "Kegs n' Eggs" festival at SUNY Albany. Apparently the annual festival features a ton of inebriated frat bros and sorority gals basically going postal on anything that moves within the city limits of Albany. You can find plenty of other videos from the lovely little soiree on the YouTubez. Many of the videos you will find feature some sort of car smashing and dude on dude physical altercations. Why can't all you SUNY Albany bros just chillax and kick back with some brewskis and Dave Matthews Band? You don't even have to go that drastic. Just try and have your own personal Ragetober Fest without getting the riot police team called on you. Thank you SUNY Albany for ruining good old fashioned drunken debauchery for the rest of us.

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