Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Tea Party's Shining Light of Integrity Must Have Never Read The Definition of Integrity

Tea Party All-Star and all around nutcase Michele Bachmann made sweeping promises when she was elected into office about putting an end to earmarks and superfluous pet projects tacked on to bills by legislators. In addition to recently voting against a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown because it would not defund Planned Parenthood and the Obama healthcare plan, she has now filed legislation to build a four lane bridge over the St.Croix River in her district. The St.Croix River currently serves as a natural border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and not surprisingly, the bill is co-sponsored by Wisconsin Republican Sean Duffy. According to a Yahoo News quote from President of American Rivers Foundation Rebecca Wodder, the project would cost taxpayers roughly $600 million and would likely serve to further traffic congestion in the area, in addition to causing irreparable environmental damage to the lower St.Croix River. Glad to see that Mrs. Bachmann is bringing real, honest to goodness integrity back to Washington. Stand by your platform until you reach office and then build, baby build.

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