Friday, March 18, 2011

Timmy's Got the Munchies

There is a lot of propaganda going around that athletes follow extremely strict diets and monitor what goes into their body more closely than America monitors what goes up Charlie Sheen's nose.  It's just plain not true.  They enjoy gorging themselves on cow and potato just as much as every other red, white, and blue blooded American.  Take Tim Lincecum for instance.  In a recent interview with USA Today, Timmy was asked about what he likes to eat when he goes to his fave dining establishment, In-N-Out.  Here is a list of what he typically orders for himself:
  • Three Double-Doubles (590 calories each)
  • Two Orders of Fries (395 calories each)
  • One Strawberry Shake (590 calories)
All that combined comes out to a grand total of 3,150 calories per sitting.  That is one helluva case of the munchies.

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