Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Flying Right Handed Club of Doom

Despite there still being no signs of an agreement between the NFL and the Players Union, the 2011 NFL draft is on the horizon, scheduled to take place in about two and a half weeks. The NFL draft is truly a spectacle like no other. There is always a ton of pomp and circumstance surrounding the draft, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the event back in 2007. A lifelong 49ers fan, I came decked out in an Alex Smith jersey (God, that was a terrible mistake.) and waited patiently for them to make their first round selection. Holding the 11th overall pick, I was rooting hard for them to take Amobi Okoye out of Louisville. Okoye was a freaking man child having entered college at the age of 15 (Choosing Louisville over Harvard) because he tested in to the ninth grade at the age of 12. The kid was a stud on the field and in the classroom. With the #10 overall pick, the Texans decided to snatch up Okoye. I dropped more f-bombs in the next five minutes than Joe Pesci's character did in all of "Casino". I looked up at the Big Board on the stage at the Rockefeller Center for guidance, a sign, a vision....ANYTHING. The minutes seemed to turn into hours. At the young age of 18, this (pathetically) ranked among the top 10 or 15 most nerve wracking moments of my life. Then, all of a sudden, The Flying Right Handed Club of Doom appeared. The Flying Right Handed Club of Doom is the giant "thing" that was attached to Patrick Willis' shoulder during his senior year at Ole Miss. As you will see in the video above, Patrick played much of his senior year with a broken right hand that required heavy, HEAVY bandaging. Patrick converted the injury into a weapon of mass destruction capable of knocking 300 lb. SEC lineman to the floor in a single blow. While doing some browsing of videos and scouting of the upcoming 2011 draft class, I came across the old highlight video they showed at the draft and just felt the need to share its greatness with the world. It's truly magical. Oh and by the way, Patrick went on to win the Defensive ROY award and is now a 4x Pro Bowler. Amobi has 10 career sacks in four full seasons. Thank you Flying Right Handed Club of Doom. Thank you. Now if the Niners could just find someone to replace this asshole below, we'd be all set.

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