Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blackpool Learns The Meaning of Karma

Armageddon came a day late for Blackpool FC. On Sunday, the Seasiders lost to Premier League champions Manchester United 4-2 and will now be relegated along with West Ham United and Birmingham FC to the English League Championship. Let this be a lesson in karma for all of us. Roughly two weeks ago, a group of Blackpool supporters flew a plane over the final home game of longstanding rival Preston North End, who was playing in the League Championship, but will now be relegated to League One after a 22nd place finish. The plane flew banners reading, "Poor little Preston enjoy League One" and "We are superior Love Blackpool FC". The manager of Preston North End called the move "Distasteful." and went as far as to say he wished he could have shot the planes down. Did karma pull itself up by the bootstraps for little Preston and help swallow Blackpool down to the Championship? Will this be the final straw for Charlie Adam, and will he trade in his pool of Black for a little Liver? The Tangerines may have shot themselves in the foot with this little prank. Now they just need to hire Avram Grant to place the final nail in their coffin. By being relegated to the second flight of English soccer, Blackpool stands to lose about $65 million worth of television revenue next season. Karma's a bitch.

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