Monday, May 23, 2011

Greek League Basketball Fans Put NBA Fans To Shame

Miami Heat fans are notorious for showing up fashionably late to their arena. At Lakers games, more fans seem to be interested in catching a glimpse of Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington than they are in supporting and cheering on the team. The game itself is placed on the back burner and the social scene takes precedent. The American collegiate game offers up more fan passion and fervor, but nothing even remotely close to what is taking place over in Europe. Above is a video from a recent basketball game between two Greek League teams located in Thessaloniki, Aris and PAOK. The two teams and their fans utterly despise one another and they share a more than spirited rivalry in both soccer and basketball. In the video, fans of ARIS seamlessly blend passion with madness to create a spectacle of pure an unadulterated, feverish support for their team. The red flares spotting the black and yellow crowd make for a truly beautiful and soothing aesthetic. Aris and PAOK finished 7th and 5th respectively in the standings of last season's Greek Basketball League, more commonly referred to as HEBA A1. Can you imagine what a game that pits the 1st and 2nd place teams against one another must be like? The arena looks no larger than your average small school D1 basketball program, but the atmosphere feels as if it is capable of filling the Rose Bowl. It's time to a little outsourcing of EuroLeaague fandom and inject into the sad state of the NBA's paltry team allegiances and rivalries.

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  1. And how do you like that? These are the fans of another Greek basketball team, Panathinaikos Athens: