Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deep Space Nine Has Landed in Cupertino

Sadly, Ferengi bartenders not included. Claiming that Apple is "growing like a weed" and in need of an expansion of office space, Steve Jobs made a presentation to the City Council of Cupertino on Tuesday for the development of a new Dunkin Donut/spacecraft shaped building that would hold nearly 12,000 employees. Not only is Mr. Jobs thinking grandiose with his megaplex, he is also thinking green. According to the plans that Jobs laid out at the City Council meeting, the campus would cover 150 acres, 80% of which would be landscaped. Furthermore, the building would have its own built-in energy center and be largely self-sustaining in terms of power. If all goes according to plan, Jobs and co. would break ground on the work site early next year with the building opening and being fully operational by 2015.

Deep Space Nine

Proposed New Apple Headquarters

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