Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Fight Football League, or Italy's Response to the NFL Lockout

We keep hearing news that the NFL and Players Union continue to grow closer and closer to a new collective bargaining agreement, but until both parties sign on the dotted line, I will remain a pessimist. While the NFL continues its labor strife, a new sport based on ancient rules has been brewing in Italy. The sport is called Fight Football. Loosely based off the ancient Roman sport of Harpastum (to which no one really knows the history or rules), the game combines aspects of rugby, soccer, american football, boxing, and mixed martial arts. The goal of the game is fairly simple: teams of ten players apiece attempt to move a small ball forward and eventually throw it into a small black box to score a goal. Players are allowed to use their hands, feet, and head to advance the ball. Oh I forgot to mention, if you aren't holding on to the ball, you are basically allowed to fight your opponents and attempt to kick the living shit out of them. If a player gets knocked unconscious or is too injured to play anymore, he is removed from the match and the team is forced to play down a man for the remainder of the game. You can kinda see what I mean below:

While the game is based in Italy, teams are starting to spring up all over Europe and into North America. According to the Fight Football League website (which features some pretty hilarious rough Italian-English translations), there is some sort of tournament going on this summer/fall/winter featuring Italy, Poland, England, Ireland, the United States and Canada. My main question is, where do I sign up to represent my country?

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