Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Take A Tour of Manhattan In 26 Minutes

Next time you jaunt off to New York on a little summer vacation, don't waste your time booking hotels in Time Square or squander precious minutes dallying about in Battery Park. Instead, just hire this guy to give you a quick tour of the island. This unnamed man, a member of the Corporate Broadcasting Company (a sort of loosely tied international anarchist collective, think LulzSec minus the computers, attacks on federal agencies and publicity), managed to complete a lap around the entire island (24.48 miles) in 26 minutes and 3 seconds, breaking the previous record of 27 minutes. Here is a map of the route he took:

The unknown man and his band of merry pranksters spent roughly three weeks conducting surveillance and test runs attempting to discern the best time of day and strategies for accomplishing the feat. By their own account, they committed 151 moving violations during the 24.48 miles. The lap was completed in a Saturn Sky convertible.

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