Monday, June 13, 2011

Macy's and the Miami Herald Must Have Missed Game 6

Congratulations are in store for the Miami Heat!!! After losing game 6, they are now officially NBA Champions!!! Er, wait. Losing four games means you DON'T win the title?!?! Uh oh. Pictured above is a Macy's advertisement that ran in this morning's Miami Herald congratulating the team on winning the NBA title and picturing a number of Heat championship memorabilia. How this happened is simply beyond me? I could maybe understand it a little bit more if the Heat would actually have clinched the series had they won game 6, but that wasn't even the case. Had they won, they still would have been a game short. I really, really hope that Mark Cuban is behind this somehow. One last twist of the knife before officially burying the Heat's season.

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