Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sink the Bismark! and Other Tales from BrewDog

I believe the majority of us can agree with the simple statement that beer is good. It can get you drunk on the cheap (Keystone, Natty Light, Simpler Times), drunk on the delicious (2011 Sweet, Sweet Beer 16 Champ Fat Tire, Newcastle, Blue Moon), or drunk on America (Budweiser, Coors Light, whatever other shitty domestic beer fat people drink in Dallas). However, the drunk process typically takes a while to develop due to beers' relatively low average alcohol content, which hovers around 5%. This stumbling block means that it often takes drinking a prodigious number of beers in order to get drunk. This carries a number of unintended consequences such as frequent trips to the restroom (unless you are still in college where it is "cool" to hold your piss as long as possible so you don't "break the seal") as well as return trips to CVS because two thirty racks were not enough to last you and your friends for the evening. The fine brewmasters at BrewDog now have a solution to this problem. These fine British gentlemen have created three beers with alcohol contents north of 18%.

Tokyo* Aged Stout (18.2% alcohol by volume)

Tactical Nuclear Penguin Imperial Stout (32% alcohol by volume)

Sink The Bismark IPA (41% alcohol by volume)

Needless to say, the BrewDog website is where I plan on eventually setting up my wedding registry.

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