Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Try Besting THM on ESPN's Streak For The Cash

Many people like to bet on sports. The downside to betting on sports is that invariably most of us are dumb jackasses that think we know a lot more about a certain game, team, or starting pitcher than we actually do, which often leads to flopped bets and lost cash. ESPN's Streak For The Cash was made for people like us. It provides a window to pseudo bet on sports without crippling your wallet.

Here's how ESPN's Streak For The Cash works: The objective of the game is to create the longest streak of correctly chosen winning outcomes from a variety of sporting games and prop bets. The majority of the events offered are straight up matchups, i.e. Who will win in today's matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers? However, they also have a number of prop matchups to chose from, i.e. Will Tim Lincecum record a strikeout in the first inning of tonight's game against the St. Louis Cardinals? The more correct predictions, the larger your streak goes. If you pick correctly, your streak resets to zero and you start all over again. Pretty simple stuff. The sporting events offered cover everything from MLB, NBA, NFL, and college sports to horse racing, NASCAR, tennis, rugby, and everything in between. Currently, ESPN offers $50,000 to the monthly winner that builds the longest such streak and $2,500 to the player who picks the most correct matchups, regardless of streak length, over the course of the month. Also, there is currently a $300,000 jackpot offered if you are able to string together a streak of 27 consecutive predictions. The game restarts at the beginning of every month. The best part is, it's completely FREE to play!

Currently, I have my pick locked in with David Price and the Tampa Bay Rays to best the Texas Rangers in this afternoon's game. I've created a Streak For The Cash Entry under the name "The Hinrich Maneuever" and there is also a public group that you can join within the game called, drumroll please......"The Hinrich Maneuver". Join and see if you can come remotely close to matching sports wits with me.

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