Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getafe FC: Using Suicidal Koalas and Sperm Bank Pornos To Sell Season Tickets Since 2011

You may or may not remember a short time ago when I posted a new commercial from La Liga side Getafe FC, in which a koala is show trying to commit suicide in a number of ways. I think the commercial was supposed to be some sort of convoluted allegory for "Tomorrow is a brighter day" or something like that. Here is the video:

Well, it turns out the head honchos at Getafe may have gone and one upped themselves. Here is their newest commercial, in which they use sperm bank porn in order to try and sell season tickets:

Getafe is quickly becoming my absolute favorite La Liga side. What they lack in skill in talent on the field, they more than make up for in fucking awesome commercials. I can't tell if the advertising people that they are hire are crazy, geniuses, or crazy motherfucking geniuses.

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