Thursday, August 11, 2011

This One Goes to 11: The Pagani Huayra

"Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy" tend to be the first words that come to mind when you see pictures and specs for the new Pagani Huayra. At roughly 3,000 lbs., the Huayra is one of the lightest supercars in its class, able to go 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds with its Mercedes-AMG V-12 bi-turbo engine. That kind of machinery carries roughly 700 horsepower. That's roughly 130 more horsepower than the newest line of Lambourghuini Gallardo's. The Italian-made Pagani does not come cheap, featuring a price tag of roughly $1 million. You also won't be seeing this car in the United States until at least 2013. Federal safety regulators denied Pagani a safety exemption for 2012 due to the manufacturer's failure to include child-safe advanced airbags. I'm sorry, but if a child goes anywhere near the inside of this thing, the parent should be shot. Pagani's Italian plant features only 60 employees, so very low numbers of the car are produced every year. At most, five were to be sold in the United States on a yearly basis. A Pagani spokeswoman stated that the manufacturer will look to improve its safety standards in time to break the American market by 2013. Don't worry, I am sure the NHTSA will find some way to ruin all the fun again about a year from now.

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