Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Punters Are Not Athletes, or The Lying Lies of Armchair Quarterbacks

A plethora of people, NFL players included, seem to think that being a punter requires little more than the ability to take three steps and boot a ball towards an opponents end zone. In fact, former UCLA Bruin and current Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe publicly debated this point with former NFL tight end Nate Jackson on Deadspin earlier this summer. Not only did Kluwe eloquently and emphatically detail the identical routines and activities that a punter goes through on a weekly basis for game preparation, he outlined perfectly the true value of punting in today's NFL. As a former punter myself, I am here to provide video proof as to the athleticism and beauty of the punting game.

Yes, it is true that no punter will probably ever be Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu, or Barry Sanders, but they aren't exactly pushovers either.

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