Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rating The Miami Marlins New Uni Mock-Ups

Major League Baseball announced that my second favorite team in all the land, the South Beach Marlins of the Greater Miami Florida Metropolitan Area, will open up the 2012 season showcasing their brand new stadium. The Marlins, who will be known as the Miami Marlins starting in 2012, have yet to address whether or not the team will have new uniforms to go along with the new moniker. This hasn't stopped a number of fans from putting together their own ideas and visual mock-ups for new uni ideas. Here are a few:

Here is one of the first mock-ups that I came across. Keeps the general turquoise, black and grey/white color scheme that I have always been a big proponent of. I like the home and away jerseys, but that alternate all turquoise getup could go downhill in a hurry. It could only be saved with similar turquoise pants and cleats, kinda like how the Royals used to do with their solid powder blues. I have already copyrighted the "Blue Streak" nickname, so don't any of you fuckers try and steal my shit.

This is probably my favorite of the designs I came across. Keeps the old color scheme and I'm actually pretty into what this artist has done with the hats, even if he is basically just ripping off the old Minnesota Twins "M" script logo that they used. The home jersey looks especially fresh to death and I really like the script used on the "Miami" logo with an underscore. Well done.

Obviously I must follow up my favorite jersey prototype with the ugliest and most garish one of all time. I'm gonna go ahead and venture a guess that this artist is a big fan of the U. This uniform literally looks like vomit on cotton. To top it all off, lets throw some fucking orange pinstripes on this thing for good measure. Good googly moogly, nothing about this uniform is okay by any stretch of the imagination.

In case you were curious, this hate actually already does exist on as part of their promotion tying in teams with local colleges and their colors. Ok, I might actually buy this.

Apparently the good people of Miami are the least creative human beings on the planet. While this mock up is much, MUCH better than the green and orange clusterfuck, it still just basically rips the Miami Dolphins orange and turquoise color scheme and places it ever so gently on a baseball uniform. Also, that orange brim on that hat is atrocious. If you are going to go for garish, go for the solid color uniform (i.e. first mock up alt jersey). A little splash of color here just doesn't do it for me. Go for 100% ugly or don't go at all.

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  1. I like the first two pictures, but if the new colors are orange and green I'm NOT wearing that. lol :P